June 17, 2008


There's a really funny skit from SNL (a while ago) about "Mom Jeans." I find it funny for two reasons; 1, seriously, why would anyone knowingly wear those? And 2, you never have to have that posterior. While genetics always play a role in how your body looks, the size of your frame, etc, you can lift your rump a little if you so choose. It'll take some hard work though.

Squats: to me these are absolutely key for a good "lift." Whether it's wall squats, plie squats, walking side squats, or your everyday stationary squat, you'll work your leg and glute muscles; especially that area right under your bum and at the top of the back of your leg (hamstring). Make your squats more difficult by holding heavy dumbbells in each hand, or slow down your count of going up and down (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up or 1 second down, 3 seconds up). Please remember to only go as low as your knees allow -- a 90 degree angle. When coming back up, push through the heels of your feet, not the balls of your feet. It'll burn and give you a "lift"!!!

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