January 5, 2009

It's on.

I'm starting the push-up challenge again! I loved the improvement I saw a few months ago after I did it the first time, and now that the holidays are over and it's a new year, I'm trying it again to see how much better I can do. I want to hit 90-100 by the end of this year!

The last time (a few months ago) I tried this, I had others join in to compete. I'm going to do this in cycles (do the program, off for a couple weeks, do the program, off for a couple weeks) until I reach my goal. Any takers who want to compete??

My initial test: 15 push-ups (sad, since my final number at the end last time was 33)



Katie from Quasi's, Kelsey, Katie S and Kaci -- you'll be getting your shirts as soon as you email me your address! thinkwellactwelllivewell@gmail.com

Thanks to all of you who participated! Keep thinking positive about yourself daily!