August 18, 2008

Muscle-building Monday

According to, here are your push-up choices: Good Form Push-ups or Alternative Push-ups. Check out the link for a definition and pictures.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me with their initial number of push-ups to participate!!! Okay people -- here's the starting line-up:

CM -- 40
RC -- 57
ML -- 2
MC -- 30
CC -- 23
KB -- 7
AM -- 8
NE -- 10
TH -- 20
BH -- 15
AF -- 10
KS -- 15

For all of you listed above, go here with your initial push-up number and follow the specified column you belong in. This is your workout for week 1. Follow the number of sets, reps, and seconds of rest between sets. Don't forget you need a day of rest between your days of push-ups. If you do anything different, you're changing the workout (not recommended). On that page, you'll see to your left a column. In that column are the different weeks listed. Clicking on those weeks (links) will give you that specific week's workout. October 6 is our final test.

"Admission" is still open...until tomorrow, Tuesday August 19 (you'll have to do your initial amount of push-ups today and start the program tomorrow). The program is 3xs/week for 6 weeks. You can do your sets MWF, TTHS, or a different combo where you've got at least one day of rest in between push-up days. Make a post or email me (see the top of the blog page) if you're interested...and make sure to give me your initial amount of push-ups to fatigue (without stopping)!!

"Lift" Well!!! (ha ha -- couldn't resist.)