July 23, 2008

Right/wrong ways to exercise for a body's shape?

I picked up a book today at my library, "Escape Your Shape" by Edward J. Jackowski, Ph.D. His philosophy is that because all bodies are various shapes, all bodies need a specific/type of workout according to that shape.

I've only read the first 4 pages, and I already have an opinion (probably not the best way to start a book!). I have two questions for you before I continue:

1) Our bodies may be genetically inclined to store fat in certain areas, but are our bodies also genetically inclined to build muscle faster/better in certain areas as well?

2) Say there's a woman who is clearly heavier in her lower body than mid or upper body; do you keep her from strength training her lower body so she doesn't build up more muscle, making her lower body even bigger? (*Now, I know she's not going to bulk up like a body builder by doing 3 sets of squats 2-3 times/week, and I'm totally aware that more muscle = more calories burned. I'm curious as to what you all and Dr. Jackowski have to say about it.)

Please let me know your thoughts/answers to these questions! I'll post a summary of the book when I'm finished reading it.