August 26, 2008

What does your guilty pleasure cost?

I'm a sucker for desserts -- anything sweet really. And if chocolate's involved, count me in!

A few years ago I had the mentality of "I can eat this because I worked out today" and I didn't gain a pound. Sadly, that theory no longer applies.

One thing that motivates me to eat healthy is knowing I will un-do my hard work of exercising if I indulge in something sweet. Here are some examples of how to un-do your hard day's work:

How to burn it off if you weigh...
Guilty pleasure cals. (activity) 145 lbs 175 lbs
Medium glazed donut 200 Run @ 6 mph 20 min 16 min
2 Fig Newtons 110 Casual raquetball 15 min 13 min
1 cup orange sherbet 107 Shoveling snow 17 min 14 min
Brownie (1/16 of 9x13 pan) 165 Moderate jump-roping 15 min 13 min
1 regular package peanut M&Ms 243 Singles tennis 30 min 23 min
4 oz Martini 150 Scrubbing kitchen floor 45 min 30 min
1 can Coca Cola 139 Elliptical level 6-10 moderate 16 min 13 min
1 cup regular chocolate ice cream 273 Box a punching bag 43 min 35 min

Initially looking at these numbers might seem inviting to indulge, but keep in mind these numbers are ON TOP OF what your exercise regimen currently includes. IN ADDITION TO. A LITTLE BIT LONGER ON THE TREADMILL. Think twice before you fill your pie hole with pie!

(Please check out My Calorie Counter to find out how many calories you burn in an activity!)