June 30, 2009


So here I am, being honest. After all, what more could I offer to faithful readers? Or any reader for that matter.

Honestly, I've forgotten how to work out. You know, the importance of it, how to stick with it, why should I like it, and so on and so forth. Ironically enough my last post was on, what was it again? Oh yeah, motivation. Ironic.

I'm admitting it openly to all who read. I've slacked in the exercise department of life for a few months. Now you know.

Sometimes it's hard to have heard 100 billion excuses for not exercising. They tend to stay with me and shout at me in my head when the loves-of-my-life and work should be coming first. But guess what. You really do have time to do what you want; you just have to make the time for it. There's 24 hours in each day (duh) and you have to make room for what's important to you.

Moving on and a more positive note, I have decided to rejoin the exercise community as of yesterday. And today I decided to post about it and get this blog moving again. Also, C.J. and I are having a 6 week challenge to see who can "improve" their health the best. Still not sure how we're going to measure that, but we have 6 weeks to decide.

Monday: took measurements (yikes!) and weighed in (yikes, yikes!!). 20 minutes of intervals on the eliptical (1 min hard, 2 min medium) with a 3 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down. Lifted. And I've found a new lift that I really, really like. Mostly because it takes coordination and strength. (It's an emphasizing kind of day today.) So I'm looking to lose this 5 lb weight gain due to neglect of exercising and going overboard with the treats over the next 6 weeks.

That's where I'm at. What about you? What have you been doing the last 3 months?