July 11, 2009

Today is 7-11.

Today is one of the "funnest" days of all: July 11. 7-Eleven. As in the convenience store. And everyone should know by now that they offer FREE slurpees on this day from 7a to 11p. Mmmm.....slurpees.

But is the free slurpee worth the extra calories and no nutrition? My opinion is, yes. Of course it's worth it, referring to a small or 12 oz cup. But that's just me and I'll happily tack on an extra 10-15 minutes of cardio so I can thoroughly enjoy a delicious summertime treat. :)

Here's the calorie amounts of your slurpee beverage:

12.5 oz White Cherry slurpee = 90 calories
12.5 oz Blue Rasberry slurpee = 90 calories
12.5 oz Cola slurpee = 105 calories
12.5 oz Mountain Dew slurpee = 90 calories
12.5 oz Pepsi slurpee = 82 calories

My fave is mixing the blue rasberry with red cherry. Blue layer, red layer, blue layer, red layer, lid on, blue up to the top. Insert straw. Delish.

*Yes, I'm aware there is a ton of sugar in this beverage. It's not healthy. But I have maybe 2 slurpees a year. I'm allowed a treat now and again, and so are you.

image from 7-eleven.com