September 10, 2008

Laughing hard is so fulfilling!

This isn't very fitness related, but anything that makes us laugh helps us feel better mentally. There's my stretch. I really could be the only one to find this funny, and that's alright because I enjoyed a great laugh.

I was calling this guy (he sounded 20s/30s) about his ad for window well covers. I talked with him yesterday to get details and he wrote down my information. I decided to call him today to order them.

When I called him today he sounded out of it; he was mumbling and fumbling through papers trying to find my information. After asking him to repeat what he had just said for the 2nd time in the 40 seconds we were on the phone, he apologized and said his mind is crazy because his wife is in labor.

Me: "What? Your wife is in labor?"
Him: "Yeah. She's going to deliver in a couple minutes." (I can hear him still fumbling through papers to find my information for window well covers.)
Me: "HANG UP THIS PHONE RIGHT NOW. Then you apologize to your wife for even answering the phone. I'll call you back tomorrow."
Him: "Oh, yeah, okay."

I hung up the phone and thought, seriously, did that phone call just happen?!?!? Did he really just answer his phone listing a number he didn't know right when his wife was about to deliver their child? Really? I'm still laughing about it. I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR SUPERMAN who wouldn't on a really bad day even pull that!