January 12, 2011

back in black.

My favorite exercise/yoga pants are black. And I'm back in them. My hiatus is over.

I'll catch you up to speed. I was pregnant with baby #4. Starting around week 6 of the pregnancy the morning sickness kicked in, as it usually does. But this time, it lasted much longer; about 4 months longer than usual. There were migraine issues, blood sugar issues, and of course just being absolutely huge. My other pregnancies were very easy. This one was not.

Needless to say, I did not exercise. I laid on the couch. I ate what I could keep down and whatever would keep me from being "shaky."

I realized early on that looking at a computer monitor only increased the dizziness I would feel, so I quit all of my writing/typing jobs and was only on the computer for the absolute necessary. Like posting on Facebook. Heaven knows catching up on Facebook can take hours. (Kidding. Kind-of.)

Baby is now almost 5 months old, I'm back to exercising regularly (5 pounds of baby weight left to lose), and I can all kinds of healthy foods without dry-heaving.

Life is good. And I'll be posting more. Maybe even making changes to the blog's appearance. Stay tuned and get excited.