January 14, 2011

distractions CAN be beneficial.

We're always told to FOCUS when we have a goal. Focus on the end-result. Focus on the steps it will take to get to that end-result. Without focus, it's easy to lose sight of how that particular goal is going to be achieved. Focus, focus, focus.

Sometimes focusing is overrated. And exhausting.

I need to not focus during some of my cardio workouts. Sure, there are times when cardio workouts need lots of focusing (i.e. training for a marathon, 5K, a triathlon, etc.). But when it's not one of those times, I need to let my mind wander. I need to listen to the lyrics of the music playing from my earbuds. I need to listen to the comical banter between the characters on my favorite show. I need to not focus on how much time or distance I have left to complete. I'm appreciative of distractions such as music and television. These cardio workouts become a way for me to enjoy exercise and relieve stress.

This isn't to say I don't pay attention. There have been incidents where I don't focus or pay attention, and I'm on the cardio machine for too long or not long enough or the workout was too easy. Failing to pay attention can lead to wasted time. I don't prefer to waste time unknowingly. Planning on wasting time, well, that's another story.

SO if you're sick of your cardio workouts already (remember your New Year's resolution?) try to not focus on your next workout and instead enjoy a rerun of Arrested Development or maybe your favorite soundtrack. This mental break can help you push yourself harder on your next workout without actually taking a physical break from your routine.

(Uhhhhh...but let's make sure we focus on our foot-placement so we don't do any face-plants, k?)

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