March 10, 2009

A random title wouldn't suffice.

Oh, thanks for asking. Actually I'm particularly indecisive today on a variety of topics, including but of course not limited to what to write for my next wellness article, what design to use for the background of my personal/family blog, how I should structure my new fitness blog, if I should peruse the Internet for a while or begin my aforementioned wellness article... Yes. Dot, dot, dot because that list is continuing a mile a minute in the twisted confines of my brain tissue. BTW, I loved studying the brain and the heart in my anatomy class in college -- both times I took it -- and figured really, how difficult could it be to become a brain surgeon? Seriously? Not to demote the position of brain surgeon by any means, but merely the fact that if you wanted to be a brain surgeon, you could become one simply because you wanted that position in life. Note that I had to take anatomy twice, clearly stating that I had no desire to be a brain surgeon.

Perhaps the indecisiveness stems from the lack of sleep I've encountered. I can now fully appreciate Ambien commercials and the help that little pill provides to many during the dark hours of the night. Apparently my body gets a kick out of the practical joke of tricking my mind into thinking that 4-5 hours of sleep is the only rest my body needs for the next 19 or so hours. Get real. (The wakefulness is usually due to the little princes and princess who randomly wake in the middle of night needing comfort, and my problem is falling back to sleep in a timely manner.)

Despite this and the many other reasons for my inability to make a decision, the day trudges along. I'm hopeful at some point during this day (or night) I'll once again resume normality and press forward with sharp decision-making skills.

And that, my friends, was one attempt to clear my head. Hopefully I can get back to work now. Keep striving to live well!


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Kaci-Ellyphant said...

XOXO! Have a better day!