December 26, 2008


Exactly one week from today you'll be well into making your New Year Resolution a reality. You'll be mastering self-discipline as you learn to walk away from the thing(s) that deter you from your desired outcome. You’ll be working hard to conquer the roadblocks that may develop.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years regarding New Year’s Resolutions it’s to be prepared for the set-backs and have a plan to overcome them. That plan needs to be in place before your start date. Here are some basics to keep you inline:

Know your goals: What’s your long-term goal? What are your short-term goals that’ll get you to your long term goal? (i.e. long-term goal is lose 25 pounds by June, short-term goals include losing 3-5 pounds/month, eat 6 fruits and veggies daily, 72+ ounces of water daily, etc.) Determine the actions you need to take along your path and write everything down where you will be able to see it often.

Date it: Write your short-term and long-term goals down on your most-used calendar and circle the dates with a colorful marker. Keep it visible so you’ll see it every day.

Journal: Write about your journey to your result daily or weekly. Note the obstacles you overcame or are battling. What motivates you? Be positive as you write, and read your past entries the night before the new week to remind you of your success.

Support: Get support from everyone by telling them your goals. Look for sites or blogs pertaining to your goal and get a group going that will support each other by reporting your daily successes.

As small as these things may seem, they will help you achieve your goals and brighten your outlook when things are looking glum.

Happy Resolutions & Live Well!

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Kaci said...

Great message Amy! I want to make healthy goals this year and not weighty goals. =>