September 11, 2008

Ramblings about how to unwind

After having spent the last week (and still have one more week to go) without Superman, playing single parent is seriously not something I ever want to do permanently. (He's away on business.) My hat goes off to all of you single parents out there -- you deserve on amazing vacation!

I've long believed a good dose of "me time" is required for a healthy mind (a.k.a. sanity). Some may find it hard to relax after their day at work, home, etc, turning to the television or a bag of goodies to help ease their mind of current frustrations.

For all things there is a time and a place, right? I won't go into details of when I've absolutely had to sit in front of the television with my Oreos/Chips Ahoy/ice cream (okay you get the point) to wind down and feel better. But more than one night of splurging literally will make me ill, and the feelings of relaxation are replaced with more anxiety of wasting time and calories. Do you ever get this way? Or can you "veg" regularly doing the TV and treat thing (maybe something's wrong with me??)?

After many trials and errors I've discovered how I can relax at the end of the day. As much as I'd love to brag about my deep breathing techniques or explosive kickboxing routine, I can't. What works for my "me time" is simple really; do something I've wanted to do all day but just wasn't able to do. HA!

The level of stress I have once the kids are in bed dictates my activity for the evening. If I didn't get any quiet time (laughing hard because that's just about every day) then yes, I'll do some deep breathing and enjoy the now quiet atmosphere. If I didn't get to exercise, then yes. I'll exercise. If I really want to catch the latest episode of my favorite show with 4 cookies, then yes. I'll do it. But I won't do the same thing every night.

For me it's all about variety to keep it fun. Every minute of my "me time" has got to be enjoyable so I can de-stress and be ready for the next (early) morning. It's not every night that I need some serious unwinding time, but sometimes I need to know that blessed evening will come so I can make it through the day.

After a long day of _______ (fill in your regular responsibilities), how do you unwind/relax/get some "me" time?


Vonavie said...

Read inspiring blogs.

Live Well said...

Vonavie --
That is exactly what I ended up doing tonight, in peace and quiet.

desi said...

amy i enjoy reading this blog!! i need you to send me your family's blog address again. i did not find the right one last time we talked.

MizFit said...

read period is the unwinded for me (and I too will not mention the HALLOWEEN OREOS which can sometimes come into play :))

everything in moderation, right?

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

After a long day of dealing with idiots at work (some idiots, I like to pop some popcorn and watch whatever I have TiVo'd - usually true crime storeis. I should really get out for a walk though - TV and me means eating, even when I am not hungry.

Live Well said...

Desi -- it's on the way...

Miz -- Blast those Halloween Oreos!!!

DC -- TV can be so deadly!!