August 17, 2008


I watched Michael Phelps do the unthinkable this week swimming in the Beijing Olympics. It was amazing! He's ripped and built like a machine; and yet he seems pretty down-to-earth. He was so committed to swimming; so committed to winning the gold in all eight events. That commitment is what brought him to this record achievement.

During his moments of glory, when the cameras would focus on his mom, I really did have to choke back tears. How many practices did she drive him to? How much time did she spend helping him, supporting him, paying for lessons and coaches? How many meets was she involved in? What strong commitment (and true love for her son) on her part.

What are you committed to?

Americans seem to have a reputation for being lazy. Ugh! I hate laziness, except for that occasional lazy Saturday or rainy day. A break is always nice and rejuvenates me to continue going. (Except for in laundry. If I get a break from my laundry routine I don't want to go back to it. But alas, clean underwear is a necessity.)

I've decided to re-commit myself to a couple things. I'm re-committing to putting my kids first throughout the day; no more whopping bouts of "me-time." This will be easier to do since Kindergarten and preschool start very soon, and I can schedule my "me-time" during that time. I'm also re-committing myself to my health. Sure, I exercise, but it's almost chaotic in the sense that I don't follow the same routine consistently. I get bored very easily with exercise, which sometimes allows me to shrug it off completely.

And BONUS: it's not New Year's Day. I hate New Year's resolutions. I never keep mine when I make them at the beginning of January. I'll keep them if I make them 1/2 way through December, or at the beginning of February. But the beginning of January??? Come on, I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving, Christmas Parties, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, New Year's Eve....time to NOT add something new here. :)

I'm curious about what you're committed to. Will you tell me?

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