July 18, 2008

Carpe the weight!

There's something about getting up in the morning and knowing I get to lift weights that day. I guess I can understand why a bunch of guys in the weight room smack talk each other and lift more than they should in front of a mirror (and I'm pretty sure they're not using the mirror to check on their form). It's invigorating and addicting knowing you can lift something someone else can't. And on top of that, you've got definition showing off muscle that allows you to lift something someone else can't.

I love it.


Jenn said...

Hey, there! I love your new header. So fun and pretty! :)

I skipped lifting this morning to sleep. Boo on me. You've inspired me to get my rear in action tonight and lift anywho!


Mark Salinas said...

Nice! :)

Live Well said...

thanks you guys!