April 29, 2008

Best time for a workout?

A question was posted asking:
"Is there a 'best' time of day to exercise (morning, night, afternoon)?"

You can find all sorts of science to support whatever you want this answer to be. IMO, the best time to exercise is when you can get a great workout in your schedule.

Some people can't/won't exercise at night because the extra energy will keep them up at night. Sleep is an important benefactor to helping you lose weight and build muscle. (However, I do know plenty of people who can workout at night and it helps them sleep better. Every body is different.)

Other people can't/won't exercise in the afternoon due to work, carpooling kids around, etc.

Then there are those who can't/won't exercise in the mornings because they have a hard time getting out of bed or have to go to work super early.

Pick a time that's best for you. My preference is in the morning, but that's because my kids are very self-entertained, if not asleep, at that time. That's when I can get a hard workout with very little interruptions, and I have the rest of the day to utilize that extra surge of energy I get from exercise.

Just make sure when you do exercise, you get plenty of water before and after your workout. If you can drink water during your workout, that's very beneficial as well!

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